Every thought you feel is the doorway to your personal hell or your personal heaven.

And, you have the power
to choose your future.

Until we realise that we are lost in our own “cycles of thought”, we live in our own thought-created world, often believing that people, circumstances, and events are to blame for the way we feel.

When you realise that you’ve been “living in your head” or living in a world of thought, it takes only a single, previously unnoticed, observation, (insight), to change your personal reality.

No one can tell you what that insight will be (for you). But, others can guide you to your own liberating paradigm shift. And, you don’t have to do anything but be open to conversations that have the potential to deepen your understanding in order to see things in a different light.

This type of improved awareness makes a distinct difference in how you perceive your world and leads to real, sustainable change for you and, by extension, those around you.

Inspired by almost 30 years of self-directed learning, academic study, and profound personal change, My life-altering coaching delivers working knowledge of your inbuilt capability to trust your experience with clarity and health.


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To many people, life looks like a series of “problems” to be solved.

We have personal problems, family problems, relationship problems, financial problems, people problems, career problems, health problems, and the list could go on and on.

When you change the word “problem” to “situation”
you can begin to look at circumstances differently.

It’s important to notice that not every situation that life presents to you is your responsibility. When you’re faced with a situation, it then becomes possible to allow yourself the space to discern whether the situation is actually your responsibility, (so-called problem to solve), or not.

When faced with a situation, and you know that it is not your responsibility, you allow yourself the freedom to choose whether or not you want to get involved. Many people spend most of their time trying to solve “problems” that belong to other people and neglecting their own situation/s, much to their own detriment.

When you are able to see your own situation clearly, and set appropriate boundaries, you improve your ability to address the issues that you need to address for your own psychological and emotional well-being, and you free yourself from self-expectation and the expectations of others.

When you prioritise this for yourself, you then become more able to assist others with their situations, when they ask for your help.

This understanding is fundamental in my coaching.

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“I have found all of Zander’s coaching to be very helpful and positive. He is a great believer in everyone having their own opinion and that all opinions are valid. In his Facebook live events, he puts a lot of work into each topic he presents and is very good at responding to and answering questions during the live broadcast. I have found his talks covering topics such as self esteem and confidence very interesting and helpful. He is also very accommodating at preparing topics requested by viewers. I would also encourage anyone seeking solutions to problems to join the group on Facebook as I find it very reassuring to know we all struggle at times and, because it is quite informal, it’s great to have interaction.”

Pat M.

Exploring The Game of Life
with Zander Glasgow

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