Getting Started

Last night I was plodding my way through some tabs I’ve had open on my browser for what seems like months. My goal? I wanted to close some of those tabs. I’d kept them open so that I could get back to them, later. I never had. I currently have at least 30-40 tabs open on my browser. I need to get these either closed or bookmarked for future reference.

Suddenly it hit me…

How can I run a website that is supposed to be about getting organised, in all areas of ones life, and be THIS disorganised?

So, I decided to take a day off from my usual meandering, surfing habits and draw up a plan of action. Here’s what I came up with.

I am going to write about my goals and my trials and everything else that goes into setting up this business. There will be a page for each of the categories that the business entails. This will allow me to organise my thoughts and it will allow readers and website members, (when we get to that), to better follow their chosen topics. The tags for each post on this blog will include at least one of those headings to make it easier to follow the topic/s.

So, first I need to determine what each of the topics will be. Here is my “off-the-top-of-my-head” list of the categories.



  • Personal Development – Generic – Products – Services
  • Business Development – Local Business Marketing Services
  • Internet Marketing – Courses – PLR Products – Affiliates
  • Our ShopZanderGee product reviews – Alliance: Upcoming and Launched Products, courses and services
  • News – reporting the progress of the building of the business

So, there will be four pages to begin with, aside from the usual About, Privacy and other legal stuff that has to be provided.

The other thing that I realised is that I need to prioritise my efforts. So, with that in mind I set about listing my Perpetual To-Dos – that stuff that needs to be worked on every single week. Here’s my priority list:

  1. Main website – needs main landing page to be completed before moving forward – at least x2 the amount of attention than anything else on the list. [ By the way, the main website is powered by Create .Net ]
  2. Blog – need main pages, mentioned above, introducing those main topics/tags for the blog.
  3. Blog updates – at least once a week describe what’s been happening on a NEWS tab/topic.
  4. Social Networks – post generation at least once a day – scheduled posts – interaction
  5. Marketing Efforts – offers – adverts – competitions – giveaways etc.

Now that I have the areas in which I need to work, whether writing doing videos or podcasts etc, and their priority levels, I can write myself up a timetable. I’ve decided that I can work on this 6 days a week – Monday to Saturday – and can allow myself 14 hours during each of those days where I can choose to work or go about fitting in all the day-to-day stuff that needs done as well. That day-to-day stuff changes all the time, so rather than have a timetable, so to speak, I want a Flexible Plan.

Here’s how that worked out:

Monday – First 4 hours on website – 2 hours on blog (draft or publish) – Social Network/s
Tuesday – First 4 hours on Website – 3 hours on Social Networks – Marketing
Wednesday – First 4 hours on Website – 3 hours on Marketing – Blog
Thursday – First 4 hours on Website – 3 hours on Blog – Social
Friday – First 4 hours on Website – 3 hours on Social – Marketing
Saturday – 2 hours Marketing – 2 hours blog – 2 hours Social

Some days I might have enough hours, whilst dealing with all the normal stuff that life throws at me, (responsibilities etc.), to get it all done and on other days I might not have any time to get anything done. Remember, this is a flexible plan; I don’t need to put myself under unnecessary pressure. It will act as a guide and nothing more. The reason that I’ve not put a time limit on the last item of each day is that I will use that time to PLAN what I’m going to do over the next few sessions on that topic. It could be a short planning session or, for more detailed planning, a long one. My hours will be 9am to 11pm, to allow for daily life stuff.

You can follow the progression of the website construction and development at Self-Empowerment Alliance

What about you, what do you need to sort yourself out a plan of action to get started, developed or finished?

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