Today Is Foundations Day – Find Your Happy

“We lay today the foundation of the road we will travel upon tomorrow.” ~ Unknown

Nothing happens without reason. We’re not always aware why things happen and sometimes we are not the instigators of the events we encounter. However, we do have some control over how our future will unfold, and the fact is that our story doesn’t end until well after we are gone.

Everything we do will have some effect on others and we never truly know exactly who, how, or how many people we influence in some way whilst we are alive.

I have made it my life ambition to learn as much as I can about certain subjects pertaining to living the best life possible. I started around 25 years ago when I realised that I needed to change [something about] the way I was living.

I really didn’t know where to start. I was completely lost.

The first thing I did was to start reading self-help books. This later moved me to begin reading books on philosophy, and then books on psychology. After about six years of this, I went to college and university to study the social sciences – with a little theology thrown in because the alternatives were just “not my bag”.

I have tried to keep up with the relevant subjects and I’ve become even more interested in other, more varied subjects. I fully intend to go into some of these in future posts, but today I am laying down the foundations for the future. That’s the purpose of this post, which will become the future of this blog.

So, here’s a brief overview of what I intend to cover in this blog, with a little description of each, as I see it. It may read a little like a list of holistic therapy topics, but that is far from my intention here. I hope that will become clear, if not by the end of this post, certainly as the blog progresses.

Physical Health:
Your body is the substructure of everything that you do. You are limited in all your efforts in exact proportion to how un/healthy your body is. What you put into it today will determine how healthy, or unhealthy it will be in the days, weeks and months to come.

Psychological Health:
Most people in the Western world live in their head. You are the one person that you spend ALL of your time with. You wake up, perform your ablutions, eat, and sleep with yourself, among the many other things you get up to. You are the one person on this world that you cannot get away from. What you put into it and how you use it will determine, not only how you view the world and your relationships with others, but, the future that you create for yourself.

It doesn’t matter what you believe about spirituality, or whether you even do. Maybe you’re more inclined to believe along scientific lines. That’s okay. I thoroughly believe that it’s possible to have peace of mind without having spiritual beliefs.
I will not discuss religion in this blog. I intend only, where necessary, to speak of spirituality in a general way.
If you are not spiritually inclined it might help you to refer to the following subject.
If yo9u are spiritually inclined then you believe that there is an ineffable entity that is responsible for all that we perceive, and beyond. The same is true with spirituality as with physical and psychological health. Namely that, what you put into it will directly affect how you choose to live.

Emotional Health:
Someone once said that emotions are the one thing that we have the most of and know the least about. Scientists in many fields have been studying human emotions for many years now. In my view, and I’m not alone in my belief, emotions are a culmination of how we feel physically and, (even more so), how we use our mental faculty. In short, your emotions are a direct result of what you think of yourself, your current situation, (as the emotion is felt), and how you view those around you.
Your attitudes are determined by your emotions. The more you think and feel a certain way the more you will develop your general attitude. And, as a good friend of mine said recently during a conversation we were having on this subject, “A bad attitude gets bad results”. Emotions are not a symptom of imperfect physical or psychological health. Emotions are the direct result of your physical and psychological health.

In order to cover these subjects as fully as possible, I will also discuss various fields of study. I have never really stopped “studying” or reading on the topics listed above since I started, over 25 years ago. In a future post, I will discuss those subjects.

My intentions in writing this blog are threefold:
To begin documenting theories of what makes people happy.
To share my experience along the way.
To help others who feel unfulfilled in some way to “Find Your Happy”. 🙂

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