BILD-A-Network is Now MHaER – and some other exciting news.

When I first conceived of the idea to open a group in Belfast, at the beginning of 2019, to help address the issues of bereavement, isolation, loneliness and depression, I really had no idea that I was entering the space of “mental health”. Just how that fact escaped me, in hindsight, is beyond me, to be totally honest.

I knew I’d need some training and I’ve taken up a few courses in order that I’d be better prepared to run such a group. However, a very good friend, in his own quiet and special way, highlighted the fact that, as far as bereavement was concerned, I might be more than just a tad, “out of my depth”.

And so it was that the “B” in BILD-A-Network was changed to stand for “Belfast” instead of “Bereavement” and isolation, loneliness and depression became the main areas of focus.

I have completed 3 courses with Aware NI and one with another organisation whose main focus was on running a peer-to-peer group, which was my main initial intention.

Some years ago, I took an online course in becoming a “life coach” which fitted well with my intention to start out on my own, as well with all my years in a twelve-step programme. All of the above training, (and experience), has proven to be well worth the effort and fits well with everything that I am working to achieve now.

Most recently, I completed a two-part course in “emotional resilience”, which fits extremely well with the courses that I completed with Aware NI. It just all adds up, with a whole lot of cross-over information.

And so it is that I now call myself an “Emotional Resilience Coach”.

Bringing everything together, I decided to change the name of the original group to Mental Health and Emotional Resilience, (MHaER), and we are now growing as a community on Facebook, where members from outside of Northern Ireland are made very welcome.

Today, I received a message from Jen Breen, who is Casting Researcher for Coco Television, based in Dublin, Ireland. They are producing a TV show called Yellow Brick Road and Jen has asked me to help get the word out. The producers of the show are looking for people who are “struggling with a phobia, loneliness, low self-esteem, or are simply at an impasse and need help finding your way”.

Of course, I jumped at the chance to help. Any future updates will be posted here, in the blog, and over on my Facebook Page. However, the deadline for participant application is September 30th at 11 pm, so if you wish to be updated, the page on Facebook might be the quicker way to go.

Stay tuned… 😉

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