For Best Results, Say It Out Loud

I’ve lost count of the many times that I restarted this blog. I have lost count of the many posts that I’ve deleted or lost over the years, from platform to platform. And, here I am again. Making another new start.

This time I will write from a different perspective. I won’t try to teach you or convince you of anything, I will just be myself. I will talk about my experience/s, present and past. I might even talk about the future, but that remains to be seen. lol

Starting out as a life coach has been a very long and daunting experience. There is rarely a time when a human will have “all their shit together” once and for all, and that includes me. So, I want to make it very clear from the outset of the “new beginning” that this ‘back to the blog’ episode is, that I have my ups and downs as much as the next person. I have my so-called “problem areas”, that I want to work on, and I have my “all good” areas too.

One thing I’ve noticed recently is that when I openly admit, out loud, to a friend, that  something is wrong in a certain aspect of my day-to-day, I have been more likely to do something about it at the next opportunity.

Just last week, I told a friend that I’d left something undone for over a week, and when I got home I dealt with it right away. And there have been other occasions where I’ve done something similar and have dealt with the situation the very next day. At this point in time, I don’t feel that the specifics are altogether important, just that what I’ve observed is important.

I will write my blog from this “human” perspective. We all have “problems”, (although I don’t call them problems – that’s another discussion), and we all have feelings that are uncomfortable and that we want to get away from, although, sometimes a thought process and its accompanying feeling/s can become like an old friend and without it, we wouldn’t know who we were or how to behave. I can say that because I’ve been there.

It is my hope that someone, somewhere will benefit from what I share. It may even come to pass that, through this blog/website, I will find my first coaching client.

This past week, (after some months of neglect), I have updated the settings on three of my four “Facebook assets”. Next week I will be working on the pages and settings etc, here on this site and on my Facebook personal profile, which I don’t use much, really. I much prefer to be at my Living Happy with Zander Glasgow Page, (my personal business page), the Mental Health and Emotional Resilience (MHaER) Page and the MHaER Group, (which, unfortunately, has also been somewhat neglected).

I have now committed myself to 16 to 20 hours a week for the foreseeable future to get things moving along. As the months pass, I should be able to spend less time “sorting my things” and more time helping others, should anyone require that service. I have plenty to fill my time with otherwise. I love my hobbies, pass-times and the little projects I have going on around my home. 🙂 

I will, most likely, review and completely change much of this site as it currently stands. However, I hope you will return, (and maybe even subscribe to email updates), to see how things progress as I take this thing forward.

What about you?
Is there anything you’ve been putting off that you could get started on today?
Would you like to share a little in the comments?

Until next time,
Be Good to You, always.



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