THE Single Most Precious Commodity

Imagine this…

When you leave school. you are given a brand new vehicle. You don’t get to choose the type of vehicle you receive. You have absolutely no influence on the colour, or any other detail of your car, van, truck or whatever. All you can do is accept the vehicle you are given – and that’s what you have to work with.

Now, you might wish to “upgrade” or improve your vehicle in any number of ways, but no matter what, you cannot swap it, sell it, give it away, or make any other “trade” with it. It’s yours until it’s ready for the scrap yard. This vehicle will be with you until the very end.

Now, the most interesting thing is that no one has any idea how much fuel is in their vehicle. There might be enough fuel in your vehicle to keep you going for 100 years, but, there is no way of telling.

In this scenario, the fuel that is in the vehicle when you receive it is all you will ever get. There are no fuel pumps to take your vehicle to for a top up. There are certain things you can do to conserve your alloted amount of fuel, but ultimately, what you’ve been given is all you will have to work with.

These days, vehicles come with a “computer” on board, some more advanced than others. However, in most cases, (if not all), when the computer becomes corrupted, the vehicle will begin to show defective “behaviours”. If you’re lucky, there might be a light on your dashboard warning of the danger/s ahead. It is always up to the driver whether s/he takes notice of the warning light.

Now, imagine you have no prior knowledge and you are given such a vehicle. Such as when you were born into the human.

Let’s take a look at that fuel tank…

TIME is the one commodity we all have. That is our fuel tank.

There are four commodities that we all have, that I consider to be the most important, one of which will only be alluded to in this post. In no particular order of importance, the first is our bank balance. Whether your bank balance is big or small will have no lasting impact on your day-to-day other than in one single aspect, which I will come back to. The second asset we humans are all endowed with is our emotional balance. The first commodity may or may not have some influence on this second commodity, but, it is best to keep them seperate.

The third commodity/balance, (our fuel tank), is TIME.
Here’s the important part…

At a glance, we can determine both our financial/bank balance and/or our emotional balance at any time, day or night, 365 days a year.
However, the fuel tank is invisible.
We can NEVER look to find out our balance where time is concerned. Quite obviously, as we go on the journey of life, we may find some indicators, but indicators are not solid information.

As we are all aware, our emotional “balance” can change at any time. There’s a lot to be said about our emotional state, and that is essentially what this entire blog/website is about. Our bank balance changes, we learn sooner or later, with each transaction. Money, is either coming in or going out.

We can become emotionally “spent” when we worry too much, come under pressure for extended periods of time, or find ourselves in survival mode because of some other emotionally draining situation/s.
When we spend all our money we can always find more. There is no lack of money in our human world. Money can be aquired in any number of ways and its aquisition is limited only by our imagination.
However, whether emotionally stable or financially wealthy, when we spend our time it’s gone forever.

Time is the one commodity that we sqander without a moments thought about the value gained, or how it might be better spent.

How we spend our time will have a massive impact on both the other two commodities, money and emotions. If we favour our emotional balance, we will spend our time doing things that make us feel good; happy, joy, love, etc. If we favour our financial balance we will spend our time working; trading, etc.

But, we are ALWAYS spending time, we can NEVER GET IT BACK – OR MAKE MORE, and we cannot SAVE TIME.

We can, however, change how we spend our time.

That’s why I have decided to spend more time on this blog/website and on Facebook where I run a couple of pages and a group, which are all about psychological and emotional wellbeing, primarily my own. And it’s all free.

Because I want to spend my time being of benefit to others.
By adding to my own emotional balance in this way, I hope to influence you in a positive way. Whether you engage with me in the process is up to you.
If you’re interested in your own wellbeing, you might want to join me in the conversation that I’m already having with others. It’s up to you.

I am currently putting together a couple of items that will be downloadable from this website for free. The first is my Little Book of Inspired Thoughts, which is a collection of my own, most popular, Facebook status updates.

The second is yet to be named, but will be something more substantial.

On Monday the 14th of September, on one of my Facebook pages, (linked above), I will launch “The Almost Daily Zander Thing“, my very own live video journal.

So, I have been spending more time getting things organised in order to spend more time improving my “emotional balance”.

What about you, do you spend your time improving your emotional balance, or your bank balance?

Which is more important to you?

Did I miss anything in this post?

Let me know in the comments – if you feel like it.

Be good to you.

Zander out…

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