Playing The Game of Life

Everything changes – eventually, it would seem – and this blog – and my life – is no exception. Over the years I have experienced a start-stop-start approach to my online endeavours and this blog, (unfortunately perhaps), stands as testament to that.

And here we are – or, at least, here I am, preparing for yet another change …

Many, many times over the years I have heard reference, by many people, (most of whom I couldn’t recall if I tried), of “life” being, or being like “a game”, the last couple of times being once in the spring of 2017 and then again more recently. The 2017 incident came as a bit of a shock and I really didn’t know how to respond – at that time. Much more recently, though, the “theme” came up again and this time I just have not been able to shake it off.

After writing the articles about The artist and the MS-DOS analogies, I knew where I wanted to take things – I just couldn’t get my head around all the many ideas I had on how to move it forward. I had a plan. It was just the execution of the plan that had me stalling. With too many ideas to get my head around I was like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle – or something else becoming “petrified” over time by the constant running of water depositing minerals on it. The point is, I just stopped.

So, I will be taking the blog in a new direction, using everything that I know and understand, and developing this “new” theme: “How to Play The Game of Life” – and not suck at it. lol

I will be working between this website and my Facebook Page, the name of which has already changed, (although the URL remains the same). The name of this site will change along with the layout and design. There will be a members area, (if I can figure that out), and, quite possibly, many more changes, some of which I may not have even thought of yet.

Is this yet another promise of hollowness?
I do not know.
However, I do know this …

That most often, over the years, I have acted on impulse, rarely ever taking any time to think things through before acting.
Of course, yes. There is an element of that involved here. After all, leopards and spots are us, but that is exactly why I said that I will develop the idea/s partly right here on this site and on Facebook.
I hasten to add that I have been considering this new theme, the implied concept and how it might fit with my original “inspiration” and message for around 4 months now. So, I could say that this is not an ill-considered move.

Do I know what I am doing?
Yes, I do believe so – although, just as in life in general, things are changing all the time. New ideas are occurring to me almost daily. Some of them I have noted and they have become part of the bigger plan, whilst some of them have been discarded after careful consideration.
I suppose we’ll find out. lol

I hope that you will join me as I explore this new theme, discussing the idea of “Playing The Game of Life”.

Do you have any questions that you would like to ask me about my plans for the future of this site, or the new theme?
Drop me a comment or get in touch and I will get back to you.

3 responses to “Playing The Game of Life”

  1. I will be happy to join you to see where this title is taking you. I must admit I personally am not a fan of the title as I do not associate life with playing (probably because of my anxiety) . However I will give it a go to see what the content is about. This is in no way a criticism of what you’re doing – it’s only my personal opinion.

    1. Thank you, Pat, for following this new theme.
      I have to admit that the way that it has transpired in my preparatory writings is quite different from how I initially envisioned it.
      For the past few days I have been writing a short introductory explanation of this theme.
      I hope that when I have finished editing that, things will become a little more clear.
      I hasten to add that I think you’ll find it to be more of the same, (as on the Fb Page), only using the theme as an overall analogy. 🙂

  2. […] I started asking myself that question about 30 years ago. That was a year or two before I entered the 12 step programme of my choice, (where my ‘journey’ truly began) and it wasn’t until after my spiritual experience (or paradigm shift) in 2012 that I started saying that the only times I had ever experienced any significant change to the way I viewed the world and related to it was when my current point of view was challenged with another, higher perspective. […]

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