A GAME of synonyms

I was just playing – and this appeared…

Life is not a pastime
But, it has many diversions
Some of those are pure entertainment for our own amusement
Most are just distractions

Some of us get stuck in some little divertissement or other.
We can call it recreation (what do YOU re-create?)

We might like to think of it as a sport
It doesn’t seem to matter so long as we’re busy in some activity or other

Do you do it for leisure?
Do you do it for pleasure?

Spend days frolicking “out there” somewhere?

I want to help you see that life itself truly is the ultimate source of fun.

How d’ya like ma poem? 🙂

A child can make a thousand games out of a stone, a stick, or a beach of sand.
However, that doesn’t seem to last very long.

As we become young men and women we are supposed to become somehow, miraculously, convinced that the games have to stop.
As young adults, we begin to experience the gravity of the situation.

We must find a job, or begin a life-long career and we must start a family and only do adult stuff – like wait for the weekend in order to get drunk or ‘coff-coff’ at some other culturally acceptable establishment – according to our perceived social status, of course.

One day, if you’re lucky, you might do a “Truman” and start to notice that nothing is exactly as it seems.
You might start asking questions that only long-white-bearded dudes from far-off exotic locations can answer, but, no one listens to them anyway. Right?

Eventually, you start going to yoga or meditation classes because you lost your job, your spouse left you with the kids and your house burned down… 😮


That’s exactly my point…
When on earth did we fall into this trap of taking everything so feckin’ serious?

Most of the material on this site, now that I have time to have fun with it, will cover some very serious subjects.
I will talk about the 3 levels of The Game of Life that humans, (players) can aspire to, (actually there are only two to aspire to). I will write about matters of the self, like self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. I will write about relationships – all of them – and I will ponder the deeper, less serious side of life – spirituality.

How dare you imply that spirituality is not serious?! I take my spiritual life very serious, thank you very much!” I hear some of you squeal.
Well, honey, let me tell you this; if you’re taking your spiritual endeavours THAT serious, you are missing the point!

I hope that one day all of humanity will wake up, look up, and recognise that the great cosmic joke is on us, always has been, and always will be – so long as we’re so busy being serious adults about every-damn-thing.

BTW, there will eventually be some FREE downloads and a paid subscription (/members area), when I get round to figuring that sh…tuff out.

I will be back with more soon.

In the meantime…

Be good to you; have fun with it. 🙂

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