How a Coach Can Help You “Raise Your Game”

It’s quite possible, if you are reading this, that you have already used a coach, in the past, in some form or other. Perhaps you’ve read a self-help book, or spent some time watching videos online, or maybe you attended a seminar of some sort.

Your frame of mind will always directly influence your reasons for seeking out this type of information, the medium you choose, (video, books, live event etc.), and how you interpret the information given, verbally or otherwise. In this post, I want to demonstrate the differences in how Level One Players and Level Two Players of The Game of Life approach this type of information, and coaching in particular.

Level One Players tend to resist change. They will have hard and fast beliefs about what is right or wrong as regards just about everything and everyone. Level One Players also tend to look to a coach or self-help methods for a quick fix, (or that easier softer solution that I mentioned before).

Consulting with a coach can help Level One Players get over their current fears of what might happen in the future. They often worry about some imagined crisis, adversity, or emergency, with which they can fill themselves with fear or strike terror into themselves with varying degrees.

Another way in which Level One Players approach coaching is to assume that the coach will make important decisions for them. Level One Players do this because they fear making a wrong decision that will have long lasting effects. They are fearful of making mistakes, which makes decision making tremendously difficult. In the event of something going wrong, after allowing the coach to make a decision for them, Level One Players are quite likely to blame the coach and his “methods”.

Sometimes, Level One Players want the coach to support their point of view over the views of others who have opposed them in some way, or whom they have come into conflict with – even if that means helping to justify their clients’ wrongdoing, if such has occurred.

They also tend to have a fixed idea of what they think the coach will say; they like to be reassured that things will go their way, which causes them to fail to fully consider the message that the coach is seeking to convey.

Level Two Players of The Game of Life understand the power of thought and are fully aware of their feelings. They may also be aware of a “Still, Small Voice” or Inner wisdom and take “guidance” from it.

Level Two Players corroborate with their coach to confirm what they already, intuitively know or feel. This corroboration allows the coach to offer further insight and for the client to feel supported.

Players at this level have a mind that is open to new ideas and possibilities, and that includes the possibility that much of what they believe to be true or untrue may not be entirely so at all. They are also open to the idea that guidance can come from “The Universe” or a “Higher Power” or whatever they choose to call it.

Level Two Players are more about “feeling” than they are about listening. Whilst both are important when talking with a coach or mentor, the Level Two Player will put more emphasis on the feeling. Anything that feels “wrong” in some way will be abandoned or discarded. Some examples might include anything that feels bad or makes the client feel inadequate or fearful. On the other hand, when something “feels right”, supportive or good, they accept what the coach is saying because it makes sense, even if it isn’t what they want to hear.

Do you recognise yourself as a Level Two, or a Level One Player? Or, perhaps a little of each?

You might find that you are more Level One with a little bit of Level Two thrown in at times. I must emphasise here two points of paramount importance. Firstly, no one can tell you what level “player” you are and secondly, don’t kid yourself. Self-honesty is extremely important. There’s no point in saying that you are a level two in the area of, say, keeping an open mind if you still refuse to listen to someone else’s point of view on a particular matter. If that’s the case some or most of the time, acknowledge and accept that. It’s perfectly okay.

When someone comes to me for coaching, with the client’s consent, I will record the sessions and send each one to the client immediately afterwards, before discarding the original file from my system.

My clients then have the opportunity to listen again as often as they like. I suggest taking some time to relax and becoming open to what was said during the session, just before listening again. Sometimes being in the level two mind-set, even for a short time, is much easier to achieve after the coaching session has finished. After waiting a day or two and becoming more neutral, my client can then choose to listen more deeply to the recording. By doing this, my clients can become more open to listening with an emphasis on how the session “feels”. The more you practice living with the level two mind-set, the easier it becomes.

If you’re interested to find out more about coaching, get in touch with me via the Contact Page with “Coaching Inquiry” in the Subject Box.

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