16 Ways to talk about Innate Wisdom and The Benefits of Using It

During some recent live streams on Facebook, I’ve mentioned terms such as ‘The Still, Small Voice’, ‘Innate Wisdom’, or ‘Intuition’ several times, which has caused some confusion for some viewers. The term I am most likely to use is ‘Innate Wisdom’.

So, in this post I want to answer the question – What is Innate Wisdom?

Rather than trying to define the term, which can be quite difficult, I want to offer some alternative terms that you can use to interpret what I’m saying when I use the terms that I use.

Here is my list of words or phrases that people use to describe Innate Wisdom:

  1. “I feel/felt an inner truth.” or “I received inner guidance.”
  2. “I received Gods’ guidance.” or “I listen for Gods’ voice.”
  3. “Are you hearing what’s NOT being said?”
  4. “I just have/had a hunch.”
  5. Some people talk about having “an awareness”.
  6. “I followed my gut instinct.” or “I ‘felt’ it in my gut.”
  7. Some people talk about sensing ‘an inner voice’ or ‘inner wisdom’.
  8. Some people talk about ‘reading between the lines’.
  9. “It felt like a premonition.”
  10. Natural instinct / innate wisdom (animals sensing forest fire or tsunami use natural instincts to flee the danger)
  11. “I’ve had/received an insight.”
  12. Some people talk about having ‘a vision’.
  13. Some people talk about ‘inspiration’ or being inspired by someone or something.
  14. Some people talk about having a ‘sixth sense’.
  15. We often hear people talking about ‘following your heart’.
  16. “I had an “aha” moment.”

So, you can see that it comes down to having or feeling a “sense of knowing”.

It doesn’t matter what you call it. It’s only important to know that we all have it. We are either aware that we have it or we’re not and we either choose to acknowledge and follow it or we don’t. It’s a personal decision.

Now, what are the benefits of using your Innate Wisdom?

When you use your innate wisdom, making sacrifices in order to solve problems can become a thing of the past, you will have less conflict with others and disagreements or misunderstandings will eventually vanish.

Another benefit of “tuning in” to your innate wisdom is that stress, anger, and resentment disappear. Stress disappears because you will intuitively know how to handle situations that would normally cause you to become stressed, anger will become a thing of the past because you will be more willing to forgive others, and you will cease to carry resentments because you will be less inclined to dwell on the past, and you will feel peaceful and relaxed.

Tasks become easier, when you get into the habit of observing your innate wisdom. You will feel capable of handling anything that happens and you will be more likely to slip into – rather than “get” into – “the zone” when tackling anything.

When you rely on your innate wisdom you are less likely to get caught up in drama. You are more likely to be the voice of wisdom in the midst of chaos. You will see situations from a wider perspective and you will find ways to resolve potential crisis in a way that means that everyone wins, and no one loses, whatever the circumstances.

When you rely on your innate wisdom, all feelings of fear will leave you and you will feel safe, or, in times of uncertainty, you will instinctively know when and how to “move” to a place of safety.

Other benefits of being tuned in with your innate wisdom include instinctively knowing when any person you speak with is being honest and, conversely, spotting when someone isn’t telling the truth becomes much easier. Your self-esteem will improve very quickly, you will let go of past regrets, fear of change will fade away and, ultimately, you will be much happier.

Awareness of and using your innate wisdom is linked very closely to your state of mind. A peaceful mind will be naturally more attuned to your innate wisdom. This is just one way that meditation can help you to get to know yourself better, relieve stress, and tap into our potential.

If you would like to find out about how to become aware of your your innate wisdom, send me a message using this form with “Innate Wisdom” in the “Subject” field, along with your message. I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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