Poor Humans!

Biology is biology. My opinion is my own and I am not responsible for the actions of men I’ve never known. There’s no silver teaspoon here. Humans are the biggest enemy of humans and I don’t understand as I did before.

Everywhere I look I see insanity. It’s like the walls of some asylum somewhere in eternity have been breached and the entire population of that place has poured out and infected the earth-bound masses.

Everyone is oppressing someone and everyone is being repressed, whilst no one is to blame, but the neighbour of your neighbour, regardless of their personal views – which they probably shouldn’t have anyway. Ahem!

The divisive cracks in the well-oiled machine are breaking into great chasms of blood-thirsty crowds on every corner. The red corner, the blue corner, the yellow corner, the pink – but no one dares mention the angry corner, for sure.

I’m weary and tired of this fiasco at hand. My fear turned to anger, and now I’m just bored. Waiting here now for the needlers, listers and persuaders to land. What happens next?

I’m not sure, but who among us gets out alive?

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