The Difference Is IN You

Thinking – Outlook – Perspective – Attention – Focus

These are all words that we can use to talk about the inner processes of the human mind, and I’m sure there are loads more.

Taking a look at my own experiences, without the ability to seek change – to improve the quality of life in some way – personally, I would still be smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs and experiencing a miserable life in a state of depression, and so much more.

Change only happens for those who seek it and commit to finding and implementing solutions.

We do that, in part, by changing our thinking, our outlook, and perspective, etc.

The point is that no person has ever brought about any positive change in their experience and quality of life without having to change … ‘something’. That may or may not include some physical-world change, but will almost always include some change of the mind and/or perspective.

No one can force another to change anything about themselves. All one can do is point to the door or path. The number of individuals who embark on the illusory “journey” is quite another story, (I say illusory because the so-called journey is merely a paradigm shift).

Change can be difficult, partly because it is “painful”, (emotionally and/or psychologically).

That doesn’t make it impossible.

Some people will try to say that we can’t control our thoughts and that we live at the mercy of our emotions. But, if that were the case we would never have the ability to choose where to put our attention or what we choose to focus on.

If we want change, then we need to discover what needs to be different. And, most often an inner shift will be required.

Even if some other, outer changes are also necessary.

Don’t get me wrong. Change did not come easy for me. In fact, I struggled with it for years and I shifted from positive change to regressive change and back again several times over many years. But, I learned something new each time and every time I changed my situation for the better, my perspective improved – I grew because of new insights.

Looking back, I know that the main reason I struggled was because I didn’t want to change me, I just wanted people, things and situations outside of me to change. I struggled more desperately with my need for change than I did with any other thing I can think of.

Change is possible for anyone, growth is possible for anyone. All you need are reason, desire, and a good mentor/coach.

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