What’s Peace Of Mind Got To Do With It?

Right Now Living – Part 2

In my last post, Right Now Living, (part 1), I said, “right now living equates to peace of mind”. In this post, I will explore the meaning and origin of peace of mind.

Today, I feel confident enough to reiterate that everyone is looking for peace of mind, without exception, whether they know it or not. There exists in our world a seemingly ever-growing plethora of solutions for our problems, all promising to help us to “change our life”.

I have tried a few of them myself over the years.

What we are looking for is real hope that things can and will be different and better for us – in the future. However, as I may have said to some extent in my last post, peace of mind does not exist in the future. Peace of mind exists now – underneath all the fluff that constantly runs around in our busy minds.

You may not want to hear this right now, but, peace of mind and right now living are equal in nature to and have their root in a belief in some sort of higher power, source of all things, or divinity. However, I refuse to define what that is. You can call it what you like and define it for yourself if you must. But, to my mind, there is no doubt that I did not create myself or the planet we live on. And, I know that none of the previously mentioned “solutions” that I’ve tried have ever brought about the difference and improvements they promised for any significant length of time.

If you believe that all of the observable facts of science, (such as gravity or electricity) and all of existence is fully explained by some happy cosmic accident, then you are, of course, free to believe that, and this blog is probably not for you. I’ll still be here when/if you change your mind.

If you have an open mind, take a look around you. What do you see?
Listen carefully. What do you hear?
Take a breath. Fill your lungs.
Place your hand on your chest. Feel your heart beating.
All that we hear, all that we see, all of the workings of the body are beyond our control, and we certainly cannot create any of that.

I am not suggesting religious belief. I am merely pointing toward the inexplicable spiritual nature of things. The existence of it all cannot be explained.

However, I can say that I feel the reason that all those previously mentioned, so-called solutions cannot have any lasting effect on us is that they are founded on and can only be sustained by self-will. Willpower is the alternative solution for those who forget that we did not create ourselves, the stars, the planets, the universe or anything in the universe.

Have you ever noticed that the most contented people around the world seem to be those who are spiritually conscious? Again, I don’t necessarily mean religious types.

Life – to live – to be alive – doesn’t have to be a DIY project. Willpower will not – cannot – change anything. We cannot force ourselves into perpetual, unfailing positive thoughts. Habits do not change by exerting mental will or intention. Mental health, emotional resilience, psychological well-being, spiritual wellness, whatever you want to call it, does not have to be, indeed cannot be forced.

Peace of mind comes from accepting that, in the past, we have not been our own best counsel, and that perhaps this ‘life force’, as some people call it, (again, you can call it whatever you like), just might exist after all. Then, we might be willing to learn to trust this – whatever it is – power, life-force, creative energy, which is definitely far more powerful than we are.

Peace of mind is not happiness. It is contentment, serenity, tranquillity, calmness, a quiet sense of well-being, under any and all circumstances, even in the face of perceived hardship of any kind. We may or may not ever be able to perfectly attain such a state. But, I know for sure, (by my own experience and those shared by some of my friends and acquaintances), that it is possible to make progress towards doing so – if we are willing.

This is not a case of choosing to believe something in order to gain the desired outcomes. Rather, it is that the desired outcomes may come to fruition alongside many other unimagined positive outcomes. It’s not about, “I want change, and if it gets the job done, I’ll believe what you tell me to”. It’s about checking with yourself whether you are willing to believe that it might be possible that there exists a creative force in the universe that you can rely on and is responsible for your existence.

If so, this, whatever it is, when we allow it to happen, will do for us things that our most diligent efforts and determination could never accomplish.

Note: I use several terms to speak of “It”, none of which I will stipulate in this post, but may use in future posts.

So, if we, in the past have not been our own best counsel. If we have caused our own hurt in some way, if we have been holding onto past events and feelings, if we have not been good caretakers of ourselves, if we have neglected to be our own best friend and, ultimately, have been our own worst enemy, then relying on this, whatever is responsible for our existence, to guide us into the future might be a good idea.

To rely on that for our sanity and our health and positive and beneficial outcomes might not be such a bad idea, especially as we consider the situation that we have gotten ourselves into – our current situation. And, all we have to do is to believe, or at least, be willing to believe … without ‘trying’ or striving to believe.

How to trust that – whatever it is?
Edit: May 12, 2022 (originally published: Oct 22, 2021)
Before continuing, please be aware that I would no longer recommend any sort of formulaic approach to resolving any ‘problem’. What is written below here is my best interpretation of my own understanding of what has been required for me only. And, because it is nothing more than an interpretation, some vital detail or experiential nuance may be lost. The most important ‘stuff’ in the following bullet points is in bold italics.

Observe yourself without trying to change anything.

• Watch yourself change as you begin to ask questions about why you do as you do, think as you do, and feel as you do.

• Know that everything you experience today is experienced through the informational lens of all your yesterdays.

• Become interested in others who have shown signs of healing in some way.

• Speak with them if you can or listen to them online.

• If you don’t believe what you hear, believe what you see.

• Observe yourself as you go from trust to belief, from belief to faith, and from faith to knowing – and beyond.

Become party to your own nurturance and growth and watch yourself heal.

You can begin now by deciding that, in the next 24 hours, and possibly the 24 hours after that, you will be willing to consider and believe to the best of your ability that you can be restored to your natural, peaceful, state of mind by believing that some sort of positive, life-affirming power that is far greater than you or I, (or any number of us together), is and always has been there to support you. Then, all you have to do is relax, observe, become more aware of yourself, and let the changes happen – slowly – over time, (not overnight).

How did this happen for me?

I read the following words in a book one day, over 30 years ago, and they stuck with me for a very long time. Evidently, although I cannot say where I read these words, I have not forgotten them.

“Hold your face up to the light, believe more deeply, even though for the moment you do not see.”

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