The Root of Mental Torture

ALL attachment and identification to/with people, things, places, past, present, future, attitudes, beliefs, etc. (the list goes on and on) are the root of all mental torture.
Mental activity is something that all humans experience – without choice.
However, we are endowed with the ability to choose which thoughts get to play around in our mental playground and which ones we want to throw out. 
The more we choose the friendly, caring, and understanding thoughts, (of ourselves and others), the more we see ourselves AS the others – that is, that we are all [uniquely] the same, (just like the trees in a forest).

Whilst the faculty of thought can be burdensome, it is indeed, also, a gift. The gift of the ability to make plans for the future, the gift that is the ability to recall certain important information when we need it, and the ability to plan and imagine how something that we would not otherwise be able to create might look when it is finished, are all exactly the same energy as the thoughts that trouble us.

Humans think.
And, because you are human, (at least I hope you are 😉 ), you will also think.

The thoughts you give attention to when they occur are the window through which you will perceive the world around you. Those thoughts and that perception create your daily experience – every single day of your life. If you want to change your experience, the only way is to become open to the possibility that a wider perspective and a different view of things is there for the asking.

And, then all you have to do is ask.

Ask who?
Ask what?
Ask how?

Ask anyone you perceive may be more than a little wiser than you, (but beware of ‘following’ anyone).
Ask questions as they arise and learn how to form your own, more specific, questions.
Far more importantly, and this negates the who and the what, inquire within. This means spending time alone in self-reflection, (whatever that means for you).

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