Freedom From Mind

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Imagine, if you can, an easy discussion that is:

  • Open to anyone
  • Designed to bring participants to a deep understanding of how the mind works
  • Includes discussion around why the mind seems uncontrollable
  • Discloses how anyone can easily manage their own mind

And much more – without participants having to learn new “skills” or “techniques”.

I think that a great many people know that to improve the way they live they will have to manage their mind – but they have trouble doing so.

Would you agree?

Is this true for you?

Would you agree that your thoughts are always changing without your having much say in the matter?

Can you remember the last thing you worried about, the length of time you worried about it, and the thought or incident that diverted your mind away in another direction?

Can you remember how long it took for your thoughts to return to that worry? It may seem constant, but it rarely ever is.

Did you know that there are now many people, some with seemingly very severe emotional and mental disorders, who are learning for themselves how to divert their mind in this way at will; by choice?

I have now joined a worldwide community of highly qualified psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, and coaches, who come from many different backgrounds, have varying degrees of experience, and have experienced and followed many different philosophies and belief systems. These professionals are banding together to talk about the power of the human mind in a way that has rarely been heard before now.

I am doing my part in a brand new Facebook group that we have called, Freedom From Mind.

This discussion begins with the basics of such topics as how the brain works, who you believe you are, and one of the very first traumas that all of us, without exception, have to experience, (hint, it’s not birth).

We discuss how fears are formed, the cause of fear in all its forms, and the confusion that fear causes.

We also discuss our hopes, dreams, and desires, as well as where we, as individuals, fit into the grand scheme of things, (and the not so grand scheme).

As the discussion continues we will want to consider our personal achievements. We will, perhaps, have further discussion about trauma. No discussion of this psychological magnitude would be complete without also discussing spirituality. When we speak of spirituality, we do not mean religion, and there is no requirement to believe any doctrine in particular.

This discussion is a sort of deep dive into the human psyche and, as such, we will also discuss the development of our own sense of self, the “battle within”, which I’m sure many are familiar with, and the idea, or concept, of “peace of mind”.

If you have read this far, you might imagine that such a conversation will not be over in a couple of hours and will require a decent amount of curiosity and open-mindedness.

For anyone participating in this free weekly discussion, there will be much to consider. Not least, the consequences of an unmanaged mind and the rewards that peace of mind will bring us when we realise that we are all continuously, psychologically and spiritually sustained by the same inexplicable power that closes a flesh wound and allows it to heal.

To join this discussion, which will take place each Sunday at 8 pm (GMT) on Zoom, (beginning February 6th 2022), it is necessary to join the Facebook group, Freedom From Mind. The Zoom link will not be shared outside of the group.

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