Why do I feel guilty about the decisions I make?

Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others … “

~ Desiderata

The one thing that causes you all of your sufferings is that you have yet to understand that most of life is beyond your control. Whilst you may be able to shape certain aspects of your day-to-day, life is unpredictable and, more often than not, you are powerless in the face of it. It would benefit you immensely were you to have the ability to distinguish between that which you are free to change and those things over which you have no power.

To familiarise yourself with all that you are powerless to control is the doorway to freedom. You can try for as long as you like and as hard as you like to change the weather, for example, but, quite obviously that will be a fruitless endeavour. Whilst you may, at times, be unhappy with the weather, I am quite sure that you are not expending energy trying to make the rain stop falling or the wind blowing. You are merely making yourself unhappy.

By the very same token, there are some aspects about yourself that you are wholly unhappy with and want to change. You want to change your feelings about yourself, some aspect of your physical body, or something about how you perceive yourself. You may or may not also feel uncomfortable or outright enraged about the way certain people or particular situations are, (or have been), affecting you.

The trap here is that you believe yourself to be under the control of circumstances and other people.

Please allow me to ask you a couple of questions …

  • Have you ever tried to change another person’s feelings, point of view, or beliefs, and if so, were you successful?
  • If you can’t change or control another person, why would you believe that anyone, or any situation has the power to manipulate your own feelings or beliefs?

The truth is that you have been fooled into believing that other people and situations have the power to shape your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. The exact measure of your ability to distinguish between what you can change and what you cannot is the degree to which you are trapped in this state of delusion.

The truth, again, is that you are not powerless over anything that is your internal reality.

You are allowed to choose your thoughts, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

You are allowed to choose which ideas you will follow and the actions you take, regardless of the approval of others.

Just know that the thoughts you believe, the ideas that you follow, and the things you do will directly dictate your emotional condition – at all times.

If you want freedom, it is imperative that you choose that to which you feel naturally drawn. Everything else is a compromise and will make you miserable.

When it comes to Truth and Ultimate Freedom, there is no middle ground, there is no compromise that will not be deeply detrimental to you. And, by that very same token, even implying that anyone else should believe or behave any different from what they do is a direct assault on their sovereign, internal reality and their freedom.

To claim your freedom, (otherwise known as liberation), is to grant freedom. All that is required is that you know your own mind and that you are true to yourself – even in the face of adversity. Absolute self-assurance is found in honouring your inner reality regardless of reward or consequence.

Knowing your own mind is all that is required to live freely.

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