The True Value of Acceptance

One basic truth that will truly set anyone free, when fully realised or grasped, is the Universal Truth known as acceptance.

Acceptance can be arrived at momentarily.

A person may feel that they have to “work through” a plethora of feelings and emotions and that “it’s a process” but that is just not true. Any feelings, such as anger, shame, sadness or self-pity, arise from the resistance within known as non-acceptance. Drop the resistance and the feelings dissipate quite naturally.

If a person truly wishes to know the Truth of the power of acceptance, all that is required is to be willing. In fact, were it not for the resistance, there would be no need for the mention of acceptance. It is there for the asking.

During a recent discussion, I was reminded of a time when some people I knew would often talk about the value of learning to laugh at oneself. At that time, I could not conceive of such a notion. I was extremely insecure and judged myself harshly almost all the time. If I saw anyone laughing, I would think I was being laughed at. And, if I thought someone was laughing at me rather than with me, I would fly into a rage. Thankfully, that was many years ago.

To fully comprehend the weaknesses that are inherent in the human condition is truly liberating. In acceptance lies the gratitude for one’s own strengths and the humour of one’s natural so-called shortcomings.

To fully comprehend the complexities of “me” and “I” and “myself”, with all one’s thoughts, emotions, habits and history, is the full measure of acceptance which brings absolute mental and emotional health.

To fully accept all current circumstances is another exit from sufferance to freedom and happiness. No person will see change, either in one’s self or any circumstance, until s/he first accepts him/herself, other people, and all circumstances exactly as they are right now. Then, one’s level of awareness will be raised and renewed.

In acceptance lies gratitude for who you are and all your circumstances.

Happiness, freedom, or liberation, is knowing that all people and all circumstances are exactly as they are supposed to be – for now.

Accepting one’s self, others, and all circumstances is the raising of one’s consciousness to another level and is potentially a psychological and emotional elevator to endless levels of clarity and peace of mind.

Regardless of how complicated or difficult any situation or circumstance may seem, the basic, universal truth that is ‘acceptance’ will never lose the power to bring one back to full mental and emotional health, clarity and sanity.

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