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How to Change Your Life With a Single Brush-stroke.

Do you know that you are an artist?

Did you know that from a very young age you took up a paintbrush and started painting on the “canvas of your life” along with many other artists who were also there to fashion that painting?

Let me explain…

Imagine a blank canvas. The type that artists use for oil painting, normally rested on an easel.

Now imagine your existence as a canvas upon which your life will be painted. Continue reading “How to Change Your Life With a Single Brush-stroke.”

In The Beginning…

Do you remember MS-DOS?
As far as I remember, (and my memory isn’t brilliant), going back to around 1982, when you turned on your home PC, if you were lucky enough to have one, you were faced with an almost blank green or blue screen with a flashing “cursor” much like your text cursor in modern text fields.

The top left-hand corner was where the cursor, or “blip” as I like to call it, would flash awaiting the first command line to be typed. It was, essentially, the birth of a new era.
Here’s a screen capture video of the start screen of a Commodore 64, which was very similar to MS-DOS. Continue reading “In The Beginning…”

Getting Back To Happy

Recently, I posted a video here on the blog explaining that I’ve not been online for quite a few months owing to the death of my wife. I closed all comments owing to the nature of the video.

Since then I’ve been taking stock on what I want to do in the coming weeks and months.

Suffice it to say that I am done with the Internet marketing bashing. People will do what people do and that’s not my business. If marketers want to sell whatever they sell in an unethical, ego-driven manner, let them go ahead. There’s nothing I can say or do to stop them.

So, what will I be doing?

Basically, I will concentrate on writing this blog. However, a change of direction will be necessary. I will be taking out all links to affiliate programmes and I will no longer be trying to teach people how to set up honest inexpensive business’.

Anyone with a Facebook account will be able to read My Story, as it pertains to the pursuit of happiness, entitled, “Getting Back To Happy“. This is quite different to the My Story Page on this blog, which will be changed in due course.

About one week ago I opened a group on Facebook called, “Deserted Highway”, as a direct result of my posting that ‘Note’ in my Fb profile. I also have a blog on WordPress with the same title but it is a free account and it has been largely neglected. I don’t even recall if there are any posts on it. Because Self-Empowerment Alliance, (this blog), is a paid sub, I want to concentrate on writing in this blog only.

In order to do so, I will first have to reconcile the blog title with the group title as well as the subject matter.

In my next post, (25/26 Dec 2018), I will make an attempt to do just that.

10 Years of Later.

No one ever wastes time. Time is a human concept. Time cannot be managed, it will pass regardless of what you are doing whilst it is doing what it does. What gets wasted is ‘opportunity’. However, no one has been able to tell you what the opportunities are or where to find them. And what we do from day to day will define how we spend our future. If you are thinking about what you are going to do, you are still not doing it. If you get started with something, and you don’t see it through to completion, you have wasted an opportunity, NOT your time.

I’ve been thinking a lot, over the past couple of years, about The Power of Choice.

What is the power of choice?
Continue reading “10 Years of Later.”