Transformative Conversations result in momentary insights that, once experienced, are rarely forgotten.
The insights you gain will Transform You.

Transformation that is deeply profound – Conversation that naturally flows.


Allow me to get straight to the point.
If you have had enough of techniques and formulas that promised to ‘change your life’ but gave you little to no lasting results, you may be ready for a Transformative Conversation.

I have had the pleasure of meeting with some individuals who were tired of struggling with relationship issues, emotional difficulties, and self-image concerns, such as a lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and more.
The individuals I mentor have spent years, sometimes decades, looking for ways to be rid of their problems, So much so that they have become deeply ready to experience their own transformation.

I have witnessed their eyes open as ‘the penny dropped’ for them on numerous occasions, sometimes during our very first 2-hour meeting together.


After spending 30 years studying the human mind, regularly attending more than one Anonymous Programme, and exploring various spiritual understandings and philosophies, it has become patently obvious to me that every trouble that besets most of humanity amounts to a single problem – inner conflict.

Actually, I have come to understand that there is no such circumstance as ‘outer conflict’.

Let me explain …
Outer conflict, between individuals, groups, tribes, or nations is, in fact, nothing more than inner conflict outwardly manifest. In short, humans act according to their (emotional) experience, which is always informed by their perception (mental activity). Involuntary mental activity (thought) is often a reaction to outside events. Any event or set of circumstances seen as posing a threat in any way to the individual, (or group), can become the catalyst for ‘outer conflict’.
What most people fail to see is that they have “the power of choice” in how they react to their own thoughts and emotions. By understanding this, people are better able to control their actions and the decisions they make. Seeing this Truth has been truly liberating for many individuals. Myself included.

All conflict is inner conflict.


What is Truth?
Truth is that which remains after eliminating all misconceptions, fabrications, deceptions, concepts, constructs, fictions, untruths, falsities, misinformation and so on and so forth.

Solutions to ‘problems’

Since there is only one problem, (inner conflict), there must always and only be a single solution. That solution is to see the Truth.
However, no one can tell another how to get to that truth. The ‘how to’ is the reason that so many people, like you, have gotten discouraged by or frustrated with the techniques and formulas of the self-help and personal development industries, (including “traditional coaching”). None of the above are wrong or bad per se. You don’t need to take my word for it. Just observe your own personal experience.

Let’s take a quick look at that word, “problems”.
The Truth of the matter is that the things people call problems are nothing more than situations, (or sets of circumstances), that they view negatively only because they have resistance (conflict) to the situation/s in question.

Seeing the Truth of a situation does not always come easy. That is why we all must see the Truth of our situation for ourselves. Many people find that one or more Transformative Conversations can help.

Transformative Conversations are exploratory in nature. Rather than learning anything, it is much more like an ‘un-learning’.
During these conversations, it is more important to check with one’s own inner experience than it is to accept anything just on hearing it.

If you feel ready to fully commit to your own
Inner Exploration,
I am ready to hear from you.

A Glimpse of Truth

Since meeting Zander several years ago, I have found him to be an extremely interesting and engaging person. Throughout our coaching sessions, I always felt he was in the room and listening to me. I never felt judged, which was so important to me as I’ve always felt people judged me throughout my life. I had a few major breakthroughs – lightbulb moments – during my sessions with Zander and I often felt inspired. That inspiration has stayed with me and motivates me daily.

Kathy, Bangor, NI

I struggled with my 12 Step Program for 7 years – until I met Zander. Although I had gone through the programme a couple of times, I struggled to make the changes I wanted to and this affected all of my relationships. The day after my first conversation with Zander I felt different. I felt peaceful. Although I’d learned a lot about myself in the programme, I couldn’t see how to change many of my habits and behaviours. Talking with Zander about my struggles rather than the programme, (which he wouldn’t talk about), I became able to ‘see’ what I was missing.
After just a few sessions with Zander, I am already looking at things differently. Our conversations have given me new insights that I have never experienced with anyone I’ve worked with in the past – in or out of the Twelve Step fellowship.
Life is just easier now and people comment that I’ve changed. My relationship with my fiance has improved dramatically.
I feel really peaceful most of the time now, and when I don’t, I know where the problem lies.

Tony, Penrith, UK

“I have found all of Zander’s coaching in our Facebook Group to be very helpful and positive. He is a great believer in everyone having their own opinion and that all opinions are valid. In his Facebook live events, he puts a lot of work into each topic he presents and is very good at responding to and answering questions during the live broadcast.
I have found his talks, covering topics such as self-esteem and confidence, very interesting and helpful. He is also very accommodating in preparing topics requested by group members. I would also encourage anyone seeking solutions to problems to join the group on Facebook as I find it very reassuring to know we all struggle at times and, because it is quite informal, it’s great to have interaction.”

Pat, Belfast, NI

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