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To Experience Emotions (part 1)

This results in self-conditioning. We learn to judge ourselves and others harshly for ‘daring to express feelings and emotions’.

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Problems Are Not The Problem

“Sometimes, it can seem like our so-called problems have become insurmountable. This is when the ability to “distinguish the true from the false” becomes really important.”

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The True Value of Acceptance

“Drop the resistance and the feelings dissipate quite naturally.”

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Why do I feel guilty about the decisions I make?

“By the very same token, there are some aspects about yourself that you are wholly unhappy …”

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Can we change our thoughts?

“It is an open-ness to new ideas and a willing-ness to learn or re-think that which we think we know.”

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A Most Radical Transformation

Truth is a natural, flowing, and organic unfolding of all events, seen and unseen.

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Freedom From Mind

“We discuss how fears are formed, the cause of fear in all its forms, and the confusion that fear causes.”

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The Root of Mental Torture

“Perceive of the truth that we have the gift of choosing…”

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Curiosity Is NOT Lethal

“That old familiar saying, “Live each day as if it were your last”, although most often used to encourage … “

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We All Travel Alone

“There is only one road to travel upon. That road is your own road … “

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What’s Peace Of Mind Got To Do With It?

“Life – to live – to be alive – doesn’t have to be a DIY project.”

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Right Now Living

“Every thought we have today is a contribution to our personal future.”

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