Freedom From Mind Discussion Series

October 23 @ 20:00 21:15 London/Belfast (BST)

Exclusive to members of the Freedom From Mind Facebook group.

Membership in the Facebook group is essential in order to join this zoom discussion series.

This week we continue discussing The Principle of Thought and over the next few weeks the discussion will address the following questions:
• What is thought?
• Where does thought come from?
• What is the purpose of Thought?
• What power is there in Thought?
• What are the weaknesses in the power of Thought?
• Is there truly any choice in how we use Thought?
• Am I destined to always think as I always have?
• Why and how does thought create suffering?
• How is thought related to spirituality?
• Is it possible to control what we think?
As Thought is probably one of the most important aspects, (if not THE most important aspect), of the human experience, I foresee this subject running for quite a few weeks.
Although none of the chapters in the book are particularly long, the chapter on Thought is a little longer than the chapters on Mind and Consciousness.
Anyone can join in on this discussion series at any time without any trouble in catching up.

Zander Glasgow

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