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What’s Peace Of Mind Got To Do With It?

“Life – to live – to be alive – doesn’t have to be a DIY project.”

Right Now Living

“Every thought we have today is a contribution to our personal future.”

Where Life Happens

“… nothing changes for us until we ourselves recognise a need for change.”

Zoom Into Well-being

The trap of feeling that we should be able to deal with our own problems hangs over us. We might feel that we will be judged in some way by those around us if it becomes known that we’re not coping as well as we “should”.

Deserted Highway Blog

Trying to change or manipulate circumstances that you have no direct control over is guaranteed to cause you psychological and emotional problems.

How To Become Your Own Hero

This is when we realise that everything we have feared has been unfounded and illusory – that our true, unlimited self has been hidden deep within us all along.


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