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Dealing With Fear And Uncertainty

“When we fail to address feelings of uncertainty and fear, ultimately, we will cause our own suffering. Not only that, but, failure to deal with constant fear will cause exactly what we fear in the first place.”

Painting The Sea

I called the video, “Painting The Sea” and I think the music is great for meditation.

Poor Humans!

“The divisive cracks in the well-oiled machine are breaking into great chasms of blood-thirsty crowds on every corner.”

How a Coach Can Help You “Raise Your Game”

“Players at this level have a mind that is open to new ideas and possibilities, and that includes the possibility that much of what they believe to be true or untrue may not be entirely true at all.”

When Faith Makes No Sense

That’s the story I heard, (or as near as I can remember it being told). As with most stories, at least, the ones I like to tell, there is a point to this story.

Life Is A Dance.

When we get lost on the dance floor like that we lose what little control we think we might have.


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