My Story ~ By the founder of BILD-A-Network

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I moved, to live in Belfast, in the Autumn of 2003. My goal was to find work and somewhere to live, permanently. Within 3 hours of arriving in Belfast, (with a couple of ‘strange’ experiences along the way), I had found the job centre. Within 3 days I’d started a new job. Three months later, I moved from my friend’s house to live with my new  partner.

The first few years were difficult as we got to know each others boundaries, likes, dislikes, little quirks, (we all have them), and all manner of other things that we needed to work through. There were many years of happiness and the normal, general “ups and downs”, (get your head out of the gutter 🙂 ) that many couples have to go through in order to “stabalise” their relationship. There was even a period of time where we both experienced depression.

We had holidays at the caravan in Millisle, we had trips to Scotland and we had many BBQs, nights out and loads of parties over the year.

After several years Sharon, my partner, and I split up for around 6 months and I moved to another part of Belfast. When the 6 months had passed, we got back together and now she come to live with me, in my new tiny, compact little home.

It wasn’t too long before we realised that there wasn’t, (really), enough room for us both in that little place, so we decided to find a bigger place. We moved and had quite a few years altogether where we were completely happy together.

In the Autumn of 2016, Sharon decided that we needed to be closer to her mother, who was getting on in years. in order to look after her. February, 2017 saw us move into a new house and I set about getting the decorating and painting done.


… To Be Continued …

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