Getting Back To Happy

Recently, I posted a video here on the blog explaining that I’ve not been online for quite a few months owing to the death of my wife. I closed all comments owing to the nature of the video.

Since then I’ve been taking stock on what I want to do in the coming weeks and months.

Suffice it to say that I am done with the Internet marketing bashing. People will do what people do and that’s not my business. If marketers want to sell whatever they sell in an unethical, ego-driven manner, let them go ahead. There’s nothing I can say or do to stop them.

So, what will I be doing?

Basically, I will concentrate on writing this blog. However, a change of direction will be necessary. I will be taking out all links to affiliate programmes and I will no longer be trying to teach people how to set up honest inexpensive business’.

Anyone with a Facebook account will be able to read My Story, as it pertains to the pursuit of happiness, entitled, “Getting Back To Happy“. This is quite different to the My Story Page on this blog, which will be changed in due course.

About one week ago I opened a group on Facebook called, “Deserted Highway”, as a direct result of my posting that ‘Note’ in my Fb profile. I also have a blog on WordPress with the same title but it is a free account and it has been largely neglected. I don’t even recall if there are any posts on it. Because Self-Empowerment Alliance, (this blog), is a paid sub, I want to concentrate on writing in this blog only.

In order to do so, I will first have to reconcile the blog title with the group title as well as the subject matter.

In my next post, (25/26 Dec 2018), I will make an attempt to do just that.

So, where have I been?

She was only 47 years of age, a very caring and loving woman who did not suffer fools gladly. Below is an edited Facebook Group Live video that explains who I’m talking about and where I’ve been planning to take my online activity. I’ll post an update soon, as this video is a few weeks old.

Busy Breaking The Mold

Sell! sell! sell!

It’s all about selling!

It’s that old sayng that was coined by… Um! Was it Jack Cannfield? “Always Be Closing” – The ABC of sales. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

Or is it?

I used to busy myself opening emails that were all, or mostly, sent by Internet Marketers trying to sell me their latest “big thing”. I sent emails too, but I used a free service and I had to type up each and every one just before I sent it. There were auto-responders and there were pre-written chains that were supposed to “build a relationship” with me.

Some of the content was valuable, but, I tell you here and now, a lot of it was just annoying. I didn’t look forward to receiving the vast majority of those emails, but years later I was still getting them. I couldn’t bring myself to unsubscribe, “just in case” I got something that was of real value. Sometimes I did. Most often I didn’t.

Emails don’t build relationships. The vast majority of them are a one way conversation or just a “Buy my sh…tuff NOW! – get $164k worth of free, dead PLR that you can’t sell because I’ve claimed it or, if it’s my own, I’ve kinda saturated the market with it”. When I finally got to the point where I’d had enough, something had to change. Why would I send out what I didn’t like receiving myself?!

I found a way to build relationships that is far better than double opt-in. And it’s free! It’s all about being transparent and actually being there for the people I want to serve. I’m not just a name, or pen-name, behind a thousand emails every year. I’m a real person in the eyes of “my tribe” and they know they can count on me to answer any questions that they might have. I don’t have to TRY to sell them anything because I’m providing value enough that they are asking for a product, service or training.

How does that sound?

It sounds ideal to me. And, I see others doing it too. Those others have taught me how to build an audience that actually wants to see my stuff. They want to return and they are engaged.

The above is a vision I have for my future. For the future of “My Year of Success” as I ‘dubbed’ it on the 12th December 2017. I’m going to teach my tribe how to set up a business online for next to zero financial outlay. What’s more, I’m re-investing 35% of all my profits back into this venture to help my tribe scale when the time is right.

The vision is my own. The action has begun. Below is my first Facebook Live, broadcast just the night before I write this and only an hour after I opened my Facebook group with only two members.

Most IMers don’t have time to build real relationships with real customers, (or potentials). They are driven by the desire to make big bucks, real quick. And, just before I decided to start breaking the mold and going my own way, I read a post, or email by an Internet Marketer who was trying to sell me on a programme about email marketing. He said something like, “Getting the email addresses is difficult. Retaining the addresses is more difficult, but, getting in new email addresses at the top, to replace the addresses that are falling out at the bottom is the most difficult part”.

Hmm! Go figure…
But, hurry. It’s all going to blow up in your face when the timer runs out……. Nah! 😉

Here’s the video:


What about you; how are you connecting with your audience?



10 Years of Later.

No one ever wastes time. Time is a human concept. Time cannot be managed, it will pass regardless of what you are doing whilst it is doing what it does. What gets wasted is ‘opportunity’. However, no one has been able to tell you what the opportunities are or where to find them. And what we do from day to day will define how we spend our future. If you are thinking about what you are going to do, you are still not doing it. If you get started with something, and you don’t see it through to completion, you have wasted an opportunity, NOT your time.

I’ve been thinking a lot, over the past couple of years, about The Power of Choice.

What is the power of choice?
Continue reading “10 Years of Later.”

Use Your Daily Goals to Help Develop a Success Mindset For 2018

What is your goal in life?Cartoon - No Change
For some it’s to get into shape. For some, it’s to get rich. For others, it’s to see the world.

Now, what is your daily goal?
This is a very different concept but actually, the daily goal is far more important than the overarching goal – at least if you really want to achieve the things that you’re dreaming of. And why is that?

The big issue is that for many of us, our goals are much too broad and much too vague. Even if you have a ‘specific target’ Continue reading “Use Your Daily Goals to Help Develop a Success Mindset For 2018”

An Extremely Bad Blog Post Title And Topic.

It was a bad start. The title, “Getting Started” was, I have to confess, an extremely bad title for my first post. Why? Well, it’s not very attention grabbing, to begin with, and I’ve only spent two or three days trying to think of a follow up title for my next installment. And now I’m at pains to lead into the purpose of this post, which is, essentially, the follow on from that first post. Hmmm! Continue reading “An Extremely Bad Blog Post Title And Topic.”

Getting Started

Last night I was plodding my way through some tabs I’ve had open on my browser for what seems like months. My goal? I wanted to close some of those tabs. I’d kept them open so that I could get back to them, later. I never had. I currently have at least 30-40 tabs open on my browser. I need to get these either closed or bookmarked for future reference.

Suddenly it hit me… Continue reading “Getting Started”