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I’m Zander, I help individuals explore “The Game of Life”, and to rediscover their innate wisdom and self-worth.
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About Me

I used to “take life far too seriously”. I rarely ever smiled and I saw threats everywhere.

In the Spring of 2012, my entire outlook changed. Suddenly, I could see that “Everything is Okay, and always has been”. That’s when my “need” to help others began.

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Facebook Live Schedule

Return here often to double-check on dates and times.
Occasionally, I throw in an unscheduled “Coffee with Zander”.

DayDateTopicFacebook LinkTime (BST)
Sunday 23rd May One Single Solution Solutions for Life Problems Group 8:15 pm (BST)
Sunday30th May One Single Problem Solutions for Life Problems Group.8:15 pm (BST)
Sunday 13th June Living In The Mirror Of Reality Solutions for Life Problems Group8:15 pm (BST)
Sunday 27th June Discussion Topic TBA TBA8:15 pm (BST)
Sunday 8:15 pm (BST)
Sunday Game of Life Page8:15 pm (BST)
GoL Page is public. Anyone can see and share posts.
The group is private.
Group posts are visible to members only and no one can share posts or comments outside the group.

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