Real-time Well-being

FREE Weekly Zoom Coaching Call

Peace of mind is your natural state. It may seem difficult to find, but you have access to that innate intelligence any time you like. Transformative conversations guide you in that direction.

The Free Coaching Sessions are a sample of this type of coaching.

What’s it about?

Zander Glasgow’s coaching is based on the understanding that we enter the physical experience completely whole and that psychological and emotional well-being lie undisturbed, underneath the confusion of our personal circumstances.

The Free “Real-time Well-being” Zoom Coaching sessions offer you the opportunity to explore your current situation and some new perspectives or possibilities.

“There is no such thing as a problem. Everything that you call a problem is nothing more than a situation; a set of circumstances that you resist internally, causing conflict that seems to exist in the external world.” ~ Zander Glasgow

Zander Glasgow is not a psychologist or a therapist, (although studies in these and related fields form part of his overall experience), he is a life-coach, specialising in ‘innate psychological and emotional well-being’.
If you join the Free Zoom Coaching session with Zander in a critical frame of mind, (I.E. ‘in crisis’), you will be directed to your local, relevant care specialist. Some guidance pertaining to ‘crisis’ will be published soon.

What you need to know

Zander’s Real-time Well-being Zoom calls take place each Wednesday at various times, (see the Events page for the full schedule).
Anyone can join the scheduled Zoom calls at any time, (links appear on the events page and on Facebook just prior to each session.
There may be several people, (up to 3), on any given call, or you might be the only guest.
At present, the calls are limited to two guests at any given time.
When you connect to the call you will enter the ‘waiting room’ first and will be admitted as soon as possible.
All Real-time Well-being Zoom calls are recorded, but are never made public anywhere at any time, (without prior permission from participant/s).
For your sense of privacy, if you feel the need, please do not hesitate to request that the recording be stopped whilst you are speaking.
When you join the call, there may be discussion already underway, please join with your mic turned off.
Zander will welcome you to the Real-time Well-being Zoom call at the first opportunity.
During the call, feel free to ask any questions you may have, share if you like, or just listen.
Silences are natural. Allow them to happen.

Private 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Zander are available.

Real-time Well-being Zoom Call Guidance

Our Terms and conditions page will be amended in due course to include guidance for this new service.
By entering zoom, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the existing terms and conditions currently available on this website.